Jackfruit “Fish” cakes

If you fancy trying something that is easy to make but a little different to the usual vegan recipes give these a whirl. You can add in chilli and herbs if you want to or even make a vegan tartar sauce (follow vegan mayo recipe then add lemon juice, gherkin and dill)


(Makes 8 small fish cakes or 6 medium fish cakes)

1 can young jack fruit

1 large potato white

1 medium sweet potato

1 onion

2 tsp garlic powder

1 tb spoon soy sauce

1 tb spoon nutritional yeast

½ cup chopped dry seaweed

Corn flour (for dusting)

Step 1

Let’s begin, chop the sweet potato and white potato however you want! (The smaller the pieces the quicker they cook) and boil until soft. I leave the skins on but if you want you can peel them.

Step 2

Drain the jackfruit and throw it into a big bowl. Then break it up into smaller pieces (use your fingers it’s fun!). Next add the seaweed, garlic powder, soy sauce and nutritional yeast.

Step 3

Drain the potato when cooked and add to jackfruit mixture. Mash it all up with a fork, it’s up to you if you want smooth potties or lumpy, I prefer lumpy in my jackfruit cakes.

Step 4

Meanwhile, finely chop and fry the onions until soft then add then to the jackfruit party.

Step 5

In a new bowl or a plate pour a generous amount of cornflour and season with salt and pepper. Then make the jackfruit mix into patties, rolling in the cornflour and coating generously.

Step 9

Add the oil of your choice to a non stick pan on a medium heat. Then fry the patties for 5-10 minutes until golden brown, flip those bad boy occasionally to cook evenly.

Step 10

Let’s eat! You can serve with sweet chilli sauce, a jazzy salad of your choice or anything your heart desires. That’s all folks!

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