Hearty Leek Lasagna

Check out Phil’s leeksagne!


(Serves 8)

2-3 large leeks (this will be your pasta layers)

Cashew Bechamel Sauce

Saucy McSauceman:

3 cloves garlic (minced or finely chopped)

1 onion (sliced)

A handful of mushrooms of your choice (I used oyster and portobello)

1 red capsicum (julienne)

1 zucchini (julienne)

1 med carrot (julienne)

2 sticks celery (chopped)

1 vegetable stock cube

1 tbsp Italian herbs

1 can lentils

1 can chopped tomatoes

250mL water

1 tbps oil

Spinach Layer:

500g spinach

3 cloves garlic (minced or finely chopped)

Step 1

Heat up pan to med-high. Add oil and saute garlic, onion and mushrooms until lightly coloured.

Step 2

Add in mushrooms, celery and all the julienne’d vegetables and continue to saute until they start to soften.

Step 3

Add the tomatoes, lentils, Italian herbs, water and vegetable stock. Then give it a nice stir and let the sauce simmer for approximately 10 mins . If the sauce is looking thick add some more water.

Step 4

In a separate pan, heat at low-medium and add oil. Saute the garlic for until lightly brown. Add in the spinach at handfuls at a time to wilt them slowly. Once done, drain/remove any excess liquid and let sit off heat.

Step 5

Meanwhile, start preparing your pasta layers by cutting the leek into sheets. And pre-heat your oven to 180°C (I have a fan forced oven).

Step 6

Once the sauce is nicely reduced, it’s time to start assembling your lasagna! Add a layer of sauce followed by a layer of leek and start stacking to your heart’s content.

Step 6

Finish off with a layer of spinach and top off with the bechamel sauce. I made my layer extra thick!

Step 7

Finally chuck your beautiful lasagna in the oven for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown.

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